Inspired by Oriental Flavour
Made In London!

Feeding Healthier Nations Since 2000

James Breslaw met Roberto Marroni in 1998 and decided on the back of travelling through Australia to open the first Noodles in a Box concept in London.
Roberto had been a chef at some of the best hotels in Rome, Melbourne and London.
James began his restaurant journey in the heady days of 1986 in New York City.

County Hall London opened in 2000 and the rest as they say is history. The first franchise opened in Shoreditch.
There have been many pretenders in this yoyo noodle world but with the help of their long established team and a lot of love Neds still produces the Number One Noodles in a box.
Enjoy your meal and thank you for your custom.

Gluten Free

At Neds Noodle Bar we are at present trying to make all our sauces Gluten Free. However for the time being only Sweet and Sour and Thai Green Curry are Gluten Free. With any box you can request Rice Noodles and Wheat Free Soy Sauce to make your box Gluten Free.
A gluten-free diet is a diet that excludes gluten, a protein composite found in wheat and related grains, including barley and rye. Gluten causes health problems in sufferers of celiac disease (CD), non-celiac gluten sensitivity and some cases of wheat allergy. Some people believe that there are health benefits to gluten-free eating for the general population, but there is no published experimental evidence to support such claims. For those diagnosed with celiac disease, eating gluten-free is following an undisputed medical directive.

MSG Free

At Neds Noodle Bar we do our best to keep all MSG out of our cooking. Monosodium Glutamate is a sodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the most naturally occurring non essential amino acids. The European Union classifies it as a food additive and permits it in certain foods. Food manufacturers sell and use MSG as a flavour enhancer because it balances, blends and rounds the perception of our tastes.


Halal in Arabic means Permissible .i.e. foods that are permissible for Muslims to eat or drink under Islamic Shariʻah. The criteria specify both what foods are allowed, and how the food must be prepared. The foods addressed are mostly types of meat and animal tissue. The British Muslim population is 2.7 million, or nearly 5% of the total – a number that it has been estimated could rise to 8% by 2030. As a company we have resourced our raw materials to the best of our ability and wanted all people from all backgrounds to be able to enjoy the flavours and taste of Neds Noodle Bar.

Our Team

James Breslaw

James started his restaurant career in NYC in 1986. He owned and ran Jimmy Beez Restaurant and Bar on Portobello Road London and finally after travelling extensively through Asia and Australia found a Noodle concept he wanted to open in the UK. James responsibilities include the forward planning of the organisation.

Roberto Marroni

Roberto was born in Rome Italy and has worked as a chef at some of the top hotels in Italy. After working in Australia's Melbourne he met up with James in the late 90's to open Neds Noodle Bar. Roberto works alongside all the chefs and works on all things to do with the food and kitchens within the organisation.

Gary Bodi
Chief Operating Officer

Gary was born and raised in Hungary and studied to become a mechanical engineer. After arriving in London he fell in love with noodles and became a delivery driver at Neds Noodle Bar in 2009. He now helps run the entire operation keeping a firm hand on all I.T. matters. He also helps with franchisees opening stores in London and beyond.

Esther Szabo
Head of HR

Esther was also born and raised in Hungary and had studied History at University. Esther arrived in London and after a brief stint in retailing found Neds by chance. In three years she has the job of employing all staff within the organisation. Once employed all staff have to go through her rigourous and extensive training programmes.