Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Ordering Neds
20 Dec

Why You Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About Ordering Neds

For some, ordering food for delivery might be an indulgence. Getting delivery usually isn’t thought of as the healthy, responsible option because it’s usually tied to quick eats that are meant to satisfy a craving. There are some (lucky) people out there who don’t have the delivery guilt. If you order from Neds Noodle Bar, you can enjoy the same guilt-free eating experience while still having your cravings satisfied. How is this possible? Here are the reasons why ordering from Neds can be just as good as cooking your own meal.

There are healthy options

Delivery might be synonymous with unhealthy food habits, but Neds Noodle Bar menu is packed full of healthy options. You can create your own box to your taste and substitute whatever you like to make it a healthier choice. You can choose to substitute unhealthier noodles for a healthier option like rice noodles. You can add vegetables too so you can get your vitamins in. There is also no added MSG, so you can feel good about the meal you’re eating and avoid that post-meal regret you might get from other delivery and fast food choices.

Everyone can get something they want

It can be tough to coordinate what everyone wants to eat, especially when you’re trying to work around different dietary restrictions or varying tastes. Neds offers something for everyone, whether that’s choosing between the different meats or seafood choices, adding in or taking out different vegetables, or whether to go for a healthy option or something more lenient. There are also menu options to accommodate vegetarians, gluten-free and celiac needs, and religious dietary restrictions. No more bickering about where to eat when everyone can find something here.

If you’re trying to find something for the kids as well, Neds has kids boxes that are the perfect portion size for little stomachs. There are healthy options for them as well so they can get what they like without you worrying about what they’re eating.

Clean-up is easy

Getting food delivered means you don’t have to spend time cleaning up after you’ve eaten. Who actually enjoys doing the dishes after eating a full meal? Ordering from Neds means you don’t need to spend time hunched over the sink after you’ve finished eating. If you’re entertaining and ordered food for your guests as well, you don’t need to leave them to fend for themselves and go spend time washing up dishes and cutlery. It’s hard to be a good host while worrying about keeping everything tidy.

Delivery is quick

The worst part about getting delivery is waiting for it to be delivered. During this period of time, some may feel order regret and wish they didn’t succumb to their spontaneous decision to get takeout. The thought of choosing the lazier option when you could have cooked is ever-present – until the food arrives. Once your order has come, all those feelings of remorse and uncertainty tend to disappear. Why experience those feelings at all? Placing an order with Neds means your food will arrive quickly, eliminating that time period of order regret.