4 Reasons to Choose Neds Noodle Bar for a First Date
04 Feb

4 Reasons to Choose Neds Noodle Bar for a First Date

First dates are always a tricky prospect, particularly if you are the one tasked with choosing the restaurant. Often, it’s best to keep the first date informal and relaxed without forcing either of you into a tense restaurant environment, so you can get to know each other better. Then there are the inevitable questions around where to take them. Does my date have dietary requirements? What kind of food will my date like? What if I get food stuck in my teeth? Well, rest assured Neds Noodle Bar might just have the solution. Here are four reasons why Neds Noodle Bar could be the perfect spot for your first date.

1. Good portion sizes

If you get nervous on a first date (as 99% of us do), there’s also a chance you’re a nervous eater. What’s even worse is when you are struggling for conversation in those first moments, you may compensate by throwing food in your mouth. Nobody wants to get halfway through a first date and feel that grumbling bulge in their tummy, but Neds Noodle Bar is here for you. The menu is perfectly balanced to provide people with a meal that is healthy but filling, with just enough of the fresh noodles, rice, meat and/or vegetables that you love, without overloading you on your big night.

2. Healthy choices

Treat your date to quality ingredients, fresh vegetables and amazing new tastes. Yes, Neds Noodle Bar is a fast food restaurant and takeaway, but we also take pride in being a healthier option for people. We don’t use any additives like MSG and are committed to ‘Feeding Healthier Nations.’ Whether your date prioritises flavour or health, they’ll be more than happy with your choice.

3. Eat in or out

Sometimes you might want to keep things a bit more informal and invite your date round for some food and drinks rather than heading out into the busy, cold night. Of course, standard delivery services can be slow and unreliable, which is never a great start for a date. Neds Noodle Bar can help you here too. Our delivery service is quick and reliable, so you can place your order and be enjoying your meal in next to no time. And if this date doesn’t work out, don’t worry – you can always join the Neds Noodle Bar loyalty programme and try again!

4. Don’t worry about their dietary requirements

Do you know what your date’s dietary needs are? Are they intolerant to gluten or following a vegan or vegetarian diet? It’s highly possible that this hasn’t come up in conversation yet and, even if it has, you can’t always rely on food establishments to take those requirements seriously. At Neds Noodle Bar we include a wide range of vegan and vegetarian dishes, all our meat is Halal and there is even a range of Vegan noodles. All in all, we have food to suit every diet, including gluten free Thai takeaway rice and vegetable-based meals. You can choose the noodle or rice base, sauce, meat, or no meat and vegetables. The last thing you want is to take your date somewhere they can’t eat, or that makes them ill, so why take the risk?