Top 5 Reasons to Give Vegan Food a Try
26 Feb

Top 5 Reasons to Give Vegan Food a Try

For the carnivores among you, the overwhelming and constant bombardment of vegan food offerings can be a tad annoying, to say the least.

However, with that being said, there has never been a better time to give vegan food a try. Supermarkets, restaurants and local takeaway establishments are all upping their game when it comes to their plant-based offerings.

Still not convinced?

Keep reading if you want to discover the top five reasons why you should give vegan food a try in 2020. You never know, you might just become a convert!

1. The range of choice is unbelievable

Whether you fancy raw vegan food, vegan food that looks and tastes like its meaty counterparts or if you want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet, you will be able to find a vegan offering to suit your needs.

Furthermore, vegan food is offered across a multitude of different cuisines, from Indian to Thai to Italian, you can even get some amazing vegan food at our noodle bar in London, which has just launched a delicious and 100% vegan black bean sauce.

2. You can enjoy vegan-only discounts

If you want to save some money this year, then you may want to look out for the many vegan-based meals deals that are available across many of the most popular restaurant chains. With many eateries offering between 30-50% discounts for vegan meals, you could do a whole lot worse than convincing your friends to try a plant-based meal this year.

3. It is incredibly trendy

If you pride yourself on being one step ahead of all the latest food trends, then you need to be able to debate the benefits of tofu-based meals against fermented plant foods.

With celebrity vegans including the stunning Natalie Portman, the age-defying Alicia Silverstone, and Liam Hemsworth, you will at least be in good company if you decide to go vegan.

4. A vegan diet is great for weight loss

Most people could do with a little helping hand in the weight loss department this early on in the year, and even if you don’t, you might still want to look into how you can improve your overall health.

A plant-based diet is much less dense in calories than a meat-based one and is also low in fat. In fact, the only high-fat food in a staple vegan diet is the avocado and this contains only good fats, so is still beneficial for your overall health when eaten in moderation.

5. Don’t worry, you don’t have to give up all your favourite treats

If you would like to go 100% vegan but are worried about having to give up so many key food items such as eggs, cheese and meat, you may be reassured to know that you can still indulge in the odd treat if you want to. Some of the tasty items that you are still permitted to eat on a vegan diet include:

• Chips • Bagels • Peanut butter • Lindt chocolate • Oreos

So, why not choose some tasty and