How Neds Noodle Bar is Stepping Up and Making Changes for All Our Customers
09 Jun

How Neds Noodle Bar is Stepping Up and Making Changes for All Our Customers

Neds Noodle Bar has taken the challenge of the current times and redefined our business so that we can get our delicious meals to you. It hasn’t been easy, and it wouldn’t have been possible if not for our landlord reducing rental payments, but with all these changes in place and the support of our beloved customers, we are standing firm.

We are bull-headed. We are strong. We are ready to take on the challenges ahead of us, just as our founder explains in his interview by This Is Money, which outlines how our bulldog spirit has kept this business alive and will continue to do so until society is ready to come back to our doors.

Redefining Neds Noodle Bar

Everything changed on March 20th, but through quick thinking and even faster changes, we have been able to stay open and serving customers through takeaway and delivery.

Adapting Our Business Model

Our primary source of income is our in-house guests, which is why we have had to change our business model so aggressively to promote safe home delivery and take away to all of our beloved customers.

Retraining Our Chefs

Safety is our top priority, which is why our first course of action was to retrain all of our chefs so that they can handle taking food orders, preparing and packing your meals, and sending them off with for delivery or pick-up. Their training ensured that they could work with cleanliness, security, and speed at the heart of all that they do. Without our wonderful chefs, Neds Noodle Bar would not be open today.

The Future is Bright at Neds Noodle Bar

Neds Noodle Bar has completely reinvented itself, and though it is still a challenge, we are set to emerge stronger than ever once more workers return to work, and the crisis abates. With new measures designed to boost our takeaway dining, more support to key workers, and merchandise coming your way, there will be more ways than ever to support Neds Noodle Bar and enjoy your favourite Thai food right in your home.

Boost in Takeaway Dining

Neds Noodle Bar has retrained all of our chefs so that they can handle the online delivery orders on their own. They work fast, they work efficiently, and they do it all with cleanliness and safety in mind. This makes it possible for us to get your favourite dishes from the Noodle Bar Menu in your home and ready to eat.

Discount to Key Workers

We owe so much to the key workers who are putting themselves at risk to help others and keep our cities running. That’s why we are giving back by offering a 50% discount to key workers so that they can enjoy a delicious meal without the fuss, and at a price that is easy on their budget. Take a look at our Facebook page for some of our happy key worker customers!

Our Signature Sauces Now for Sale

Our most exciting change is our signature brand of sauces is launching, and now available through Amazon for the first time. Cook your own amazing noodle dishes at home and fuel up on flavour with our sauces.

Your Favourite Meals Ready to Go

We are here for takeaway, for delivery, and to boost your home cooking, and when the time is right, we will be here to welcome all of our guests with open arms and delicious Thai food.