4 Reasons to Choose Neds to Cater Your Office Meetings and Parties
16 Jun

4 Reasons to Choose Neds to Cater Your Office Meetings and Parties

Have you ever been put in charge of organising the refreshments at work? It can be challenging to think of the right thing to order when trying to impress clients or reward staff for achieving their goals and working hard. You don’t want to offer them the same old thing, but you still want to provide something that will be popular with everybody.

Well, why not give Ned’s a try next time you’re looking to cater for and impress clients? Here are a few reasons why you should give it a go.

1. It’s Different

When you think about office meetings with clients or staff celebrations, you think about the spread that’s been put out. What are you thinking about right now? Boring sandwiches? Stale cakes and pastries? Bland crisp bowels? If what comes to mind is the same, basic choices you get from in-house catering or elsewhere, try to now imagine the delicious taste of sesame prawn toast, gyoza, spring rolls or the fragrant flavour of jasmine steamed rice met with the kick of a hot Malaysian style sauce. Perhaps a fresh chicken salad is more your thing? All this finished off with some Japanese style doughnuts or a slice of cake? Is your mouth-watering yet? Well, all this and more can be served at your next office gathering to the delight of your staff.

2. Dietary Options

One of the hardest things about organising staff food is making sure that everybody’s dietary requirements are met. Luckily, Neds noodle restaurants can cater to a variety of requirements. There are gluten-free options, wheat-free, vegan and vegetarian options, and all our meat is Halal. If you don’t want certain things included in your food (e.g. no peppers or beansprouts) all you have to do it let Neds know, and we can leave them out.

3. Healthy Choice

Neds food is MSG-free and provides healthier options for customers without losing any of the amazing flavour or comfort that delicious Thai food provides. This is yet another great reason to choose Neds to cater for your next meeting as the food is sure to be a crowd-pleaser and not leave anyone feeling guilty afterwards — or as though they can’t indulge.

4. Experience

Neds has experience in catering to large parties of up to 400 people, which means they are more than capable of providing the best food and service for your next client meeting or office party. They have catered for companies such as Twitter, Shell, Facebook and Sony as well as other big brands. Delivery can be arranged for any address provided it is within a reasonable distance of a Neds restaurant.

Although Neds isn’t everywhere yet in the UK, there are several places you can find our fantastic restaurants and have them cater for your event. If you’re based in London (Shoreditch and Southbank) Oxford, Southampton or Basildon, you can try Neds with ease. Offer your staff and clients something new next time you’re organising a lunch meeting or other event: try Neds to impress.