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Why choose a Neds Noodle Bar Franchise

  • Being a Neds Noodle Bar franchise owner means you can be proud to be the boss of a great brand with a proven product. From the moment you join, you will be empowered with a brand that you enjoy working with and that can make you money. You will be using a proven business model with trusted guidance, within a supportive environment. The Neds Noodle Bar founders have been raising Neds Noodle Bars for nearly 20 years and have a wealth of experience to pass on. With a Neds Noodle Bar franchise, the franchisee gets given support materials which contain the foundation and the bricks needed to set up their Neds Noodle Bar franchise, from food support, staff support to business coaching and marketing. There is also a great team environment with the added bonus of highly experienced mentors that have run Neds Noodle Bar franchises themselves but also many other food brand and franchises too.

    Neds Noodle Bar can operate successfully in a variety of locations and formats thanks to the efficiency and versatility of the operation and a strong business model comprising four main revenue streams: dine in, take out, delivery and office catering. We have profiled and listed the ideal towns and cities in the UK for a Neds Noodle Bar and have property agents ready to assist franchisees’ requirements.

    Technology is just as important at Neds Noodle Bar as the food itself. Induction cooking, using electric instead of gas, makes preparing Neds Noodle Bar’ dishes more accessible for staff and easier to run operationally. Our emphasis on social media platforms keeps Neds Noodle Bar top of mind for the next generation of connected customers. Neds Noodle Bar has a strong brand image that helps draw customers in and keep them coming back thanks to great food, strong health credentials and amazing staff who enjoy work and developing their careers at Neds Noodle Bar.

  • Elnety Fernandes, Neds Noodle Bar Franchise owner

    Before owning his own Neds Noodle Bar store, Elnety Fernandes, managed a bakery franchise.

    When he heard that Neds Noodle Bar was launching their franchise model in 2019 and hearing about the legendary London noodle bar from his time in London, it gave him the ideal opportunity to join a great brand at the beginning of its expansion.

    Elnety said: “Franchising has always been an attractive proposition as I really enjoy working for myself but within a tried and tested business model. I love the food. I’m a big noodles fan because it’s healthier. I did a lot of research and was attracted to Neds Noodle Bar because it’s a strong brand, plus I’ve seen how much money there is to be made."

    Elnety Fernandes left his home in London and relocated to begin running the Southampton store, which is the fifth in the Neds Noodle Bar portfolio. The local launch was a big success with the store taking thousands of pounds each day. The launch of the fifth store created massive interest in the brand with local and national franchise coverage. See images below and coverage.

    • Passionate about noodles and/or Asian food, with a good knowledge of the market
    • Someone who is able to take advice and guidance from other Neds franchisees and directors who have learnt best practice
    • Someone who can motivate others, who understands business
    • A passionate people person that is a good communicator and listener
    • A millennial, wanting to take control of your future to make sure it is financially secure
    • Someone who may have spotted a gap in your local area for a noodle bar
    • An existing multi-store owner looking for a new opportunity
    • Partners who have the passion, experience and resources to develop and grow their own territory as a Development Partner for Neds Noodle Bar

    An exciting new era of innovation begins in 2019 with the biggest expansion to the Neds Noodle Bar Family yet. With worldwide interest in the brand and a global growth strategy, never has there been a more perfect opportunity to jump on board with an emerging brand.

  • Franchising is all about working to a tried and tested system and it is important that you can work within the parameters of the Neds Noodle Bar brand’s processes and procedures. However, there will always be room for you to improve and adapt certain processes as a local entrepreneur.

    It is the franchisee’s overall responsibility to choose the location of the franchise, however Neds Noodle Bar founders will help you. For all new Neds Noodle Bar franchisees, the company provides:

    • Assistance with property selection and business plan
    • Great Training programme
    • Operational manual and guidance
    • Store design, equipment ordering and supply chain guidance
    • Team support on-site during opening
    • Quarterly evaluations and support
    • Advice and support from development team

  • Results from Neds Noodle Bar stores to date are impressive, driving profitable sales. The most important factors for performance are the location of the franchise and how well it is run. The sales of our stores over the last years demonstrate the excellent Dine In, Take Out, Delivery and Office Catering and Party business model.

    A Neds Noodle Bar franchisee pays a one-time franchise fee plus a percentage of sales revenue as royalty and gains tried and tested products and services, detailed techniques in running and promoting the business, training of employees, group buying power and ongoing help.

    • Franchise Fee £20 000
    • Start Up Costs - £122500 to £238500 - excluding VAT - can be reimbursed once you start trading. We have contacts at several of the main banks to help you with funding
    • Footprint 850 sq ft to 1250 sq ft
    • You will need a business plan and your nominated bank can supply you with a template
    • Average fit out is between 10 and 12 weeks
    • You can talk to other franchisees through making an appointment through our head office
    • In house training to prepare you for your franchise will take between 6 to 8 weeks

  • Complete the form below and we will email you the Neds Noodle Bar Franchisee Brochure.

  • Apply: Simply complete the application form to receive full disclosure. You will be contacted by James Breslaw, who has extensive experience in starting and developing Neds Noodles Bar and other food businesses in the UK and you can ask as many questions to help you to understand more about running Neds Noodle Bar day to day.

    Once you have finished your investigation and have secured approval to become a Neds Noodle Bar franchisee, the sky is the limit.

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