Neds Noodles Gluten Free Noodle Options

Neds is proud to cater to all customers based on their needs, which is why we offer a variety of gluten free noodle options and gluten-free food. We understand that requiring a gluten-free option shouldn’t mean that you have to compromise on having a wide variety of tasty meals to choose from. That’s why we’ve ensured that we offer the same vast range of Oriental food for those requiring gluten-free. We are proud to offer authentic gluten free Thai takeaway London. Our full range of gluten-free food from our menu includes: All of our gluten-free options are wheat free; you can find specific details of each dish on our menu page. At Neds, we don’t demand an extra charge or premium for our gluten-free products. We want our customers who may be suffering from a condition which requires they eat a certain diet to know that they are not expected to pay extra for something which they cannot control. We want everyone to feel welcome at Neds. All gluten-free options are available to enjoy in any of our welcoming London restaurants, based in Shoreditch, Oxford, Southampton, Southbank and Basildon, or available to order online as part of our gluten free Chinese London takeaway delivery service. If you have any questions regarding any of our gluten-free dishes, or you would like to double-check anything before you order, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Neds. We can also offer recommendations on the tastiest gluten-free dishes (which would be all of them, of course!).