3 Reasons To Order Thai Food To Your Office
25 Jul

3 Reasons To Order Thai Food To Your Office

Having a noodle bar nearby is a great thing for exciting lunchtimes when you’re at work in London. At Neds Noodle Bar, we have locations on the Southbank and in Shoreditch, so you might even be lucky enough to be close to us, and be able to come in and enjoy excellent halal noodles, vegan noodles, gluten-free noodles, and many other different options.

However, not everyone can do this, and that’s why we offer a fantastic delivery service, bringing our noodle bar to your office. It’s a popular option, but why might you want to take advantage of this offer? Here are some of the reasons.

We’re Quick

At Neds Noodle Bar, we pride ourselves on our fast delivery times. Our Thai delivery is much quicker than having to leave your desk, head out somewhere, order food, eat it, and get back again in time to continue your work.

Although it’s good to get out of your office most days, there will be days when it’s not possible. You might have a deadline, or an emergency could have come up. You might be waiting for an important call. What would you have for lunch in this case? A boring sandwich? Nothing at all? Or would you call the best Thai restaurant London and order a Thai takeaway to be delivered right to your desk? This would save you time and still allow you to eat a good lunch.

Your Important Meeting

When you have an important meeting or a function in your office, you might want to organise office catering to ensure that all the VIPs have something to eat. Not only is this the polite thing to do, but it will help them to form a good impression, giving you a better chance of securing the deal you are meeting about.

You won’t want to leave anything to chance, and ordering a plate of filled rolls or a buffet-style lunch might not quite be what you want to do if you are really keen to impress. A much better option is to speak to us about office catering and group order deliveries. We offer exceptional Thai food delivery in London and can bring it to your meeting for your guests to enjoy.

Special Occasions

If you are in charge of organising your office Christmas party, you’ll need to think about the catering. Do you really want to have turkey sandwiches and pigs in blankets to hand around? Everyone will be tired of that kind of food; they’ll want something different, something tasty. That’s why you should look at Neds Noodle Bar, the best Thai delivery London for your Christmas catering needs.

We don’t just deliver at Christmas – no matter what the special occasion, whether it’s a new contract, a new employee, saying goodbye to an old one, a birthday, or anything else, we are there for you. Just order you’re amazing food from our amazing noodle bar, and we’ll do the rest!