4 Reasons Why Neds Noodle Bar is Perfect for Your Friends Night In
19 Nov

4 Reasons Why Neds Noodle Bar is Perfect for Your Friends Night In

So, you’re having friends over and are looking for the perfect dinner ideas to eat in. Ideally, that means you won’t have to cook, as you’ll want to just relax and enjoy your evening in with your friends: besides it’s hard to be both an entertainer and a chef. So, now only one question remains: what type of food should you order in? It’s true that there are a number of different takeaway options available to you, but finding that perfect meal that will be suitable for everyone can be tricky. To help you decide, here are four reasons why choosing Neds Noodle Bar would be the perfect decision for a night in with your friends.

There’s something for everyone

One of the hardest things about a group of friends eating together is that there are always different ideas on what you should eat. Some people prefer chicken, while others like beef, seafood or no meat at all. You are also likely to be faced with a range of opinions on whether your takeaway foods should be healthy or indulgent, as some people prefer more calories and others less. Thankfully, with Neds, it doesn’t come down to choosing between health and taste, as there are a range of options suitable for everyone. With no MSG in their food and a range of different meat and alternative selections on offer, you are bound to please everyone by choosing Neds thai food delivery.

Vegetarian and Coeliac friendly options

Unlike ordering in a pizza, where restaurants often offer very few options for those with specific dietary needs, thai takeaway offers a much more adaptable eating experience so that no one misses out. Neds has offered gluten-free options for a long time, with rice noodles and steamed rice both being suitable for any gluten free requirements. Now, those options have grown to provide a range of choices to accommodate not only those who are gluten intolerant but also vegans. For example, both the Sweet and Sour sauce and the Thai Green Curry sauce are flavourful options for vegans and coeliacs alike. In the New Year Neds Noodle Bar also will be adding a Black Bean sauce which will be gluten free and Vegan!

Quick and widely available delivery

When you’re enjoying spending some time with your friends, the last thing you want to think about is having to cook or go and collect food. Fortunately, instead of having to leave the comfort of your home and travel to pick up your food order, Neds Noodle Bar can come right to your door. From Oxford to Southampton, there are gluten-free different Neds Noodle Bar locations available to order from: just search gluten-free food delivery near me to find your local Neds and get ordering.

Food perfect for any occasion

No matter what you and your friends are celebrating, whether you’re just having a casual catch up or having an informal party, Neds Noodle Bar offers the perfect food of choice for any occasion. With tasty and filling food that offers a healthy alternative to your usual takeaway, what is there not to love?